Friday, 30 August 2013

How to Oppose IrBM in Loksabha...?? Give your Ideas/ Suggestions

How to Oppose IrBM in Loksabha...........??????   Please give your Ideas/ Suggestions Quickly................!!!!!!!!!!!

As you know IrBM has been passed in Rajyasabha, and Now ready for Loksabha. In next week it can be presented on any Day. Therefore you are requested to Respond Quickly. We did some efforts to oppose IrBM ,particularly in August Month. On 2nd at Jantar-Mantar with 4 persons, then on 9th at 10 Janpath, Sonia Gandhi 's House with 13 persons ,11 persons were arrested. We Did our level best, informed all persons of Delhi SIFF like SwarupSarkar & Others for Support. They intentionally did not Supported, but always interested to come before Media. Then Few People Came Out and Decided to do something,  we came  on Conclusion that---

Delhi SIFF people are not going to/ canot do anything Now. The persons outside Delhi are doing well like Calcutta people did Recently.
India has Population of 121 Crores , and Do you think that 20-30 people will do Magic at Parliament on Sensitive Issue...........????  Answer is NO.

The Need of Hour is-----
1) Minimum Gathering of 500+ people on even Short Notice.
2) Dedicated Road Activities, that become Event for Media.
3) Acceptence of Ground Reality/ New Idea.
4)  Faith of Victims / Persons that we will do for Cause.
5) Councelling by Experienced Hands.
6) Intention to Help
7) Awakening + Motivation for the Cause

The Present Problems are---
1) We are not able to Cross the20/30 numbers.
2) Selfish Attitude
3) No interest for Ground Activities
4) Busy with intention to get photo in Media.
5) Loss of Faith of New & Old persons
6) Councelling by unexperienced persons leading to Confusion among new Commers.
7) Ignorence of Ground Reality
8) No Activities for actual Problem.
9) Intentions to take the Credits for Efforts of others, but no Self Dedication for Cause.

These are the outcomes that came after Deep Thoughts. Our intention is not to do leg pulling / to show others Down, rather creating  the Transparent & Clear the Picture, so that FAITH of People is not Misused. We sincerely request you to give your Suggestions............. Fast................... so that we can deliver  the  Best
Manojj Kr. Vishwakarma---परिवार बचाओ ---- देश बचाओ

Social Activist, RTI Activist & Scientist...

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