Friday, 13 September 2013

Activities to Stop IrBM...... Give Your Suggestions

Respected Indian Citizens/ Victims of False Cases of 498-a, DV Act & Rape cases.......

Please Give Your Valuable Ideas/ Suggestions..For Activities to Stop IrBM

We were at Jantar -Mantar since last 3 days, we met around 5000+ Peopele , observed some issues very closely met with Crowd of Asaram Supporters & Jat Khap Leaders..
After giving Deep thought we came on conclusion that.....
1) IrBM has been passed in Rajyasabha, in Winter Session it will be passed in Loksabha.
2) Recent case of Asaram is a big opportunity for us to Solve the Problem of Crowd for IrBM Protest. These Sants/ Regious/ Spiritual Leaders have Great Human & Finencial Resources.
3) We met them ,they are willing to come with us because, they also need Security of not being trapped in False cases. For that they are willing to do anything, but they need some other person like us to Initiate this Issue.
4) Jat Khap Leaders are also convinced on this Issue, they are bold People who can go to any Extent to save their Lands/ Property. Crowd Problem can
be solved very Easily.
5) Debates on TV/ SMS/ Emails will not Work, But Ground Level Activity willWork to Bring Crowd out of Their Homes.
6) Since last 40 days i wear Cap with Slogan of IrBM , People ask me, what is This.......??????? I tell them they are surprised to know the Facts. Some Said ...What we have to do......????? That clicked my Mind.
7) We need some Signal/ Indication , that can attract People without saying a Word, can Compell people to ask... What is this IrBM...???? Many Women / Girls Ask what is IrBM..????? These Signals are Caps, T-Shirts.
We need some Activists who can wear Caps without any Hesitation. People are demanding Caps. These are Practical Experiences, not Theory. When there will be people with Caps/t-Shirts of IrBM all over India. People will ask about IrBM . We should give them pamphlets ,if anyone Asks we have to tell them in Easy Language ,only then a common person will understand, & Support Us. So called Big Leaders are missing this Ground Reality...... The Main Reason of Failure.
9) If we work on this issue Honestly, surely we will be able to Create Pressure on Political Parties to oppose the IrBM. Hence save Youth, Families & Nation.

What we need Now to Achive the Reach at Mass level........?????
We need Pamphlets, Caps T-shirts , for that we need Finencial help Because.. We are Without Jobs, we have Sacrified to Fight for Cause. With Job ,you canot Fight. We have decided that-----
1) We will not use any Designation like Director/ Founder/ President Etc.
When we can remain without Designation, then why others cannot.??
.2 .) W hat ever so Money we will recieved will be published on Group/ Page/ Blog on Daily Basis, with Expense details, with Copies of Bills. so that Things remain Transparent.
3) Money shall be spent only on Activities.

We request to give your Suggestions so that we can do better.
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  1. The way laws are passed by executive & legislature are opaque in nature & many leaned persons do not know about IRBM.

    We need to create awareness about IRBM in masses but real problem is that more than 80% of our population does not have access to internet and for them twitter debates & social media debates are of no use.

    We need to use traditional media like pamplets and word to mouth communication to spread awareness
    We are concentrating on english language media which do not have penetration of more than 5% , we need to tap & use regional language media both print, electronic & internet.

    We need to carry out vigorous protest to stop IRBM