Friday, 11 October 2013


Respected Man Right Activists, Victims of False cases of 498-a, Domestic Violence, Sexual Harashment at Workplace & Rape.............

After a deep Thought I have reached on Bitter Truth ----the Main Reason behind the Failure of our Movement are---- our own intentions. Share my words if you Agree. if you do not agree then No problem. I sincerely Request you to Just give a Thought. Final Decision will be your's. If you are Convinced, then come with us to Support the Cause. If we are Wrong then, Please DARE to Tell us What is Wrong,.......??????? & How we can do Better.............???????????????
--- इन कानूनों के दुरूपयोग को न रोक पाने का मुख्य कारण हमरा आत्याधिक स्वार्थी होना है .

हम चाहते हैं आपने आप कुछ हो जायगा , हाँ होगा और वो होगा की शोषण के नए-नए कानून जरुर आ जायेंगे .
----अगर आप खुद आपने दर्द के समाधान का हिस्सा नहीं बनना चाहते तो दुनिया की कोई ताकत आप का भला नहीं कर सकती.
---हमें अपने दर्द के समाधान के लिए खुद ही घर से निकलना पड़ेगा .

Even if we Fail to Act Now................ Then Be ready to Give Hard Earned Property to Your Wives. We are not going to be affected, we have controlled our cases. If you Feel your Responsibility to Support for the Cause, then Be part of this historical Movement. Future Generations will remember you for your Valuable Contribution.
Manojj Kr. Vishwakarma .
Social Activist, RTI Activist & Scientist
M--09017419231 / 09910597896

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